ueli schmied eco design and building

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Smaller is better

Optimal use of interior space with good design reduces the overall building size and resources used in construction and maintenance of the building

Comfort for free

Our passive solar design saves on a home’s typical heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation cost. The house has also a more comfortable feeling.

Optimise material use

By designing for standard sizes we reduce waste and cost.

Our environmentally sound design does not cost the earth but might save the planet later.

With our holistic and ecological approach to design, your house will be stylish, functional, healthy, comfortable to live in and environmentally friendly.

It is also affordable and its design is based on sound principles.

A healthy home makes the owners happy and you will love to come home.

Our sustainable buildings are designed and built to high environmental standards and therefore minimise energy requirements, reduce water consumptions, use materials with low environmental impact and conserve and enhance the natural environment and human health and wellbeing.


Design elements

capitalise on site features and aspect

chose effective orientation

access natural light

capture breezes for cross ventilation

provide shading and heat storage

landscape for drought resistance

Energy efficiency

maximise use of renewable energy sources

reduce greenhouse gas emissions and peak demands

select equipment and appliances based on energy efficiency

use low energy heating, cooling and ventilation

collect and use rainwater, reduce water consumption

use solar boosted hot water

insulate for heat and cold

Choice of material

chose environmentally credible materials

favour recycled materials

use low formaldehyde products

select low voc paints, adhesives and sealants