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scotland island transformation


The new design provided a two-pavilion concept with easy outdoor access and design elements such as a kitchen with a glass roof and a louver wall to the north capturing natural light and the winter sun. The main deck became an integrated part of the living areas, which increases living space without compromising the existing cottage (current footings etc. of the existing house did not have to be changed).

The new second pavilion has a distinct different style to but sympathetic with the existing cottage. The use of straight lines, large glass doors, modern cork flooring, antic iron bathtub give it a modern but down to earth feel. It is also slightly smaller in size than the original cottage.

An environmentally sound design for a renovation does not have to cost the earth but might save the planet.

The transformation of this dark holiday cottage into a light filled 4 bedroom, home was done on a very tight budget but  without compromising the environment and the quality of the house.

The two pavilion solution created a light and airy main house with access to the outside, incorporating part of the deck into the main living area to provide additional space. This brings the outside in and gives the feeling of being connected with nature.

The new, modern studio adds flexibility for the intended use over the buildings lifetime and enhances the existing house.